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Fumusic Studio
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About us

Fumusic Studio is a Finnish-based intercultural music organization founded in September 2020. The mission is to promote music through performances, festivals, lectures, and education. We aim to share musical knowledge and inspiration and to use the cultural exchange to build bridges between diverse intercultural artistic traditions.

Our concept is to not only share the knowledge and idea of music but also build up a bridge of cultural exchange through diverse intercultural and artistic activities, especially between Finland and Taiwan.
We have presented various concert series and projects, such as Festival Series, Folk music Series. Through collaborating with artists from different nationalities and fields, it has shared and connected the culture between Finland with all over the world.

Collaborated Artists


Mùgen Ensemble

Erinys Quartet.jpg

Erinys Quartet

MIR Trio logo.png

MIR trio



Folk Music Series 

Festival Series 



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